Questions that you ask most often, answered:
Is it real silver?
Yes, it is. Unless it's gold, of course. Everything is hallmarked officially, but since they don't stamp and smash a jewellery piece with a probe anymore, the hallmark's not obvious to the eye.
If it is silver, why it got darker with time?
It is silver and it is alive, it will change color with time, the shade depending on the contact with the wearer actually. Usually washing a piece of Argo silver jewellery with a regular hand soap works restoring the color.
Can you customise one of your pieces for me?
No, due to the sheer amount of orders I don't do that anymore.
Can you copy somebody else's design for me, pretty please? I won't tell anyone!
No. Hasn't your mother taught you that stealing is bad? Mine did.

UPD. And I also won't fake the customs declaration. Geez, what's wrong with you people.
What's up with the delivery time? It is too long!
Is it? Well, yes, it our era of mass consumption, I guess, nobody wants to wait more than one day for a purchase to be delivered. For your convenience I do remake most popular items on the regular basis, so you can filter it in the shop by the availability tag. The rest I do on demand, and trust me - for your custom piece of jewellery three weeks is not long at all.
Can I return bought items? And get refunded?
It depends.
If an item was delivered to you in a damaged state or, god save, got lost along the way - yes, of course, it's either a replacement for no additional cost or a full refund.
Though if for some reason "you cannot find enough love in your heart for this very splecial piece" - ahem, direct quote, well, okay, I'll take it back and refund you the cost of the piece minus cost of shipping there and back.
If that was a custom order - no, I won't take it back. Careful what you wish for, it might come true ;)
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